When you start writing your descriptive essay, making an outline can help you a lot. Experienced writers suggest making an outline of the topic you are going to write about before scribbling anything on the paper.

Outline of the descriptive essay will help the writer to compile the composition without any additional efforts.

Outline of the descriptive essay is composed of the following parts:

  • Introduction;
  • Essay Body;
  • Conclusion.

It is extremely important to identify the topic of the essay before making an outline. This is the major focus of the descriptive essay and all the details that you are going to include in the outline must revolve around the topic. You can choose an event, a place, a thing, a person or experience to be the main subject of your essay. When the decision about the topic is finally made, you are to jot down to the pointers that should obligatory be included into the descriptive essay. However, dont be afraid that you will have to include into your paper all the items written in the outline. What you really should do is to trim down all the ideas you have until only the most relevant and useful for depicting the topic will remain.

Below you can find the example that will help you to make up your own outline for the descriptive essay.

Descriptive essay outline

1 paragraph

a)В В В Opening topic sentence, something to catch readers attention
b)В В В Describing the place I write about
c)В В В Brief description of feelings I have about this place
d)В В В Additional Sensory details 2 paragraph
a)В В В Description of another specific location situated within the same place
b)В В В Facts to complement the description
c)В В В Sensory details described with vivid language

3 paragraph

a)В В В Description of another specific location situated within the same place
b)В В В Facts to complement the description
c)В В В Sensory details described with vivid language

4 paragraph

a)В В В Restatement of the feeling about the described place
b)В В В Further expansion of the feelings described above
c)В В В Additional details about the place
d)В В В Clincher statement

What to write next?

To complete the descriptive essay outline successfully, you should gather all the information that has relation to the topic. Brainstorming is convenient way to make information gathering more effective. One more source where you can get more ideas for writing down the descriptive essay is surfing the net. Nowadays internet is the major recourse with tons of information available.

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When youve finished making the outline of the descriptive essay, you are advised to arrange the ideas in a way of writer telling a story. If you want to catch readers attention use imagination and add as many vivid details as possible. It will give readers a chance to recreate the whole situation shown in the essay in their mind. Dont forget about proper description of things, usage of five human senses and illustrations with a help of different figures f speech such as simile, metaphors, personifications, hyperbolas, overstatements and understatements, symbolism and onomatopoeia.

The body is the next important part of the descriptive essay outline. The writer should elaborate here each of the pointers mentioned before. Usually one point is detained in one paragraph. Therefore, we can draw one more conclusion that the length of the descriptive essay depends on the amount of ideas the writer want to present in his essay. The writer should try to create a setting that will connect him with the readers and will make every reader feel as if they are integral parts of the story told in the essay.

After all the pointers were laid down in the main body of the assignment paper, the writer should move forward to the next and the most important part of the essay- conclusion. The conclusion should contain the summing up of the information presented in the main part of the essay. Avoid using the same words and phrases, try to paraphrase everything so that the idea remained the same but words were different.

The outline of the descriptive essay can assist writers in organizing thoughts. Well structured essay will leave a great impression to the audience, and this is the major goal of the descriptive essay. Having descriptive essay outline will also help readers to understand the hidden meaning of the essay the way the writer wanted to tell it.